The 3,350 Pulse Per Minute Massager – A percussive massager that loosens tight knots, improves circulation to sore muscles, and delivers a deep, penetrating massage

The 3,350 Pulse Per Minute Massager [SOURCE] is a percussive handheld massager capable of delivering up to 3,350 per minute of soothing pulses perfect for relieving sore muscles, loosening tight knots, improving circulation to aching muscles and of course delivering deep massages design to quickly heal any pain the user is having.

The 3,350 Pulse Per Minute Massager

The 3,350 Pulse Per Minute Massager

This electric back massager already includes 4 changeable heads design to simulate the 4 fingertips perfect for pinpointing smaller areas, a thumb size node design to target back muscles and shoulders and a flat head for penetrating deep muscle massage.

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The 3,350 Pulse Per Minute Massager 1

This percussive massager has a long 8 feet cord and an easy to grip handle that allows the owner to treat even those are to reach areas such as legs and at the middle part of the back, simply plug the device to an AC outlet, select the speed settings for your treatment session and you’re good to go.

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