The Back Stretching Pain Reliever – A uniquely designed stretching aid design to help relieve back pain

The Back Stretching Pain Reliever [SOURCE] is perfect in helping relieve your back pain problem, thanks to its uniquely designed stretching aid capable of supporting the spine’s natural curvature, improving your posture and getting rid of your back pain is now possible.

This stretching aid is also perfect in lessening stiffness and can also facilitate proper alignment of the owner’s vertebrae, thanks to its 15 uniquely molded ABS ribs that nicely aligned to the user’s mid and lower back muscles of course without placing any pressure on the owner’s spine.

The Back Stretching Pain Reliever

The Back Stretching Pain Reliever

This back pain reliever works simply by placing the owner’s own body weight which then presses the nodes against the back perfect in relieving fatigued muscles.

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The Back Stretching Pain Reliever has an overall curved shape that realigns the spine back to its natural shape perfect in countering the cause of slouching and best of all, it supports user of up to 250lbs. Weighs 3lbs.

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